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Our Premium Plan is for health centers that are serious about compliance. This annual subscription provides you with all the necessary tools to develop, implement, and/or improve your Compliance Program and ensure that your health center has the utmost protection against very serious penalties. A Premium Subscription entitles your health center to a full calendar year of benefits, including access to: monthly compliance webinars (listed below) and our on-demand library, our three health center toolkits, emergency management training, compliance conversations with attorneys, and FQHC FAQ sessions where our attorneys respond to subscriber questions.

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Live & On-Demand Webinars

(*) Indicates webinars that are included in our Premium Plan Subscription

2023 Monthly Compliance Webinars*
Communicating with Patients: Texts, Emails, Voice Memos and More*

1 p.m. ET

60 min
Understanding the Basics: Building Blocks of an Emergency Management Program1/8/2024
1 p.m. ET
60 min
Document Deep Dive - Corporate Compliance Plan: Sample1/10/2024
3 p.m. ET
60 min 
From Chaos to Control: Establishing an Effective Emergency Management Team2/5/2024
1 p.m. ET
60 min
Risk Assessment: Identifying Hazards: The Key to Effective Emergency Management3/11/2024
1 p.m. ET
60 min
Emergency Operations Plan: Understanding Essential Elements of a Plan That Works4/8/2024
1 p.m. ET
60 min
Document Deep Dive - Claims Management Policy4/24/2024
3 p.m. ET
60 min 
Communications Plan: Enabling Effective Communication During Emergencies5/13/2024
1 p.m. ET
60 min
Business Continuity Plan: Continuing Operations After a Disaster6/10/2024
1 p.m. ET
60 min
Annexes: Why Are These Important?  Dealing with the Hazards that Matter7/8/2024
1 p.m. ET
60 min
Staff Training: Organizational Best Asset8/12/2024
1 p.m. ET
60 min
Preparedness Exercises: Testing Plans Through Effective Exercises9/9/2024
1 p.m. ET
60 min
Improvement Planning: Making Plans Better10/7/2024
1 p.m. ET
60 min
ntegrated Healthcare Systems: Improving Program Coordination and Compliance11/4/2024
1 p.m. ET
60 min
Emergency Management Challenges and Opportunities: 
Adapting to the Changing Landscape and Expectations
1 p.m. ET
60 min
2023 Recordings
Industry Update: What the OIG’s New General Compliance Program Guidance Means for Health Centers*Available Now!60 min
Evaluating Your Corporate Compliance ProgramAvailable Now!60 min
Safeguarding Healthcare: Behind the HIPAA HeadlinesAvailable Now!60 min
Document Deep Dive - Exclusion and Debarment Screening Policy and Procedure: SampleAvailable Now!55 min 
Building for the Future: Mastering Succession PlanningAvailable Now!50 min
The Sliding Fee Discount Program: Updates and Developments 
3-part webinar series
Available Now!75 min/75 min/90 min
Developing Compliance and Risk Management Training Plans: Requirements and Best Practices*Available Now!60 min
What's New in CMS' Calendar Year (CY) 2024 Proposed Rules for FQHCsAvailable Now!60 min
Medical-Legal Partnerships*Available Now!60 min
Online Tracking Technologies: Regulatory and Legal Risks*Available Now!60 min
IRS Form 990 and Executive Compensation*Available Now!60 min
Part 1: An Overview of the FTCA Redeeming Application for CY2024*Available Now!60 min
Part 2: Am I Covered for That?Available Now!60 min
Evaluating Your Risk Management Process*Available Now!60 min
EMR Contracts: FQHC Questions and FTLF Answers*Available Now!60 min
Legal Considerations for the Provision of Gender-Affirming Care*Available Now!60 min
Document Deep Dive - Business Associate Agreement: Sample*Available Now!60 min
A Walk Through HRSA's Conflict of Interest Evaluation and Disclosure Requirements*Available Now!60 min
Previous Compliance Webinars
Compliance Work Plans: Identifying, Assessing and Mitigating Risks*
It's All About Access: Discrimination Law Basics for Health Centers*
Structuring Patient Incentive Programs to Comply with Federal Rules*
Key Compliance Considerations When Providing Opportunities for Students, Interns, and Job Shadows at Your Health Center*
Responding to Audit Findings*
Making the Informed Consent Process Work for Your Health Center*
Understanding and Enhancing Your Health Center’s Bylaws: Key Elements and HRSA Requirements*
FQHCs in Medicaid: PPS Rates and Beyond*
Breaches by Business Associates*
Managing Risks Related to New Staffing Models*
Preventing and Responding to Workplace Violence*
PACE and Health Centers: Key Opportunities and Risk Areas*
Fundraising and Development Compliance*
Beneficiary Inducements & Value-Based Arrangements*
Board Member Eligibility*
Anti-Kickback Statute Safe Harbor Protection for FQHCs*


Health Center Compliance Program Fundamentals

Our fundamentals workshops is designed for new compliance officers or organizations launching a new compliance program or initiative. This session covers the seven elements of a compliance program, common implementation challenges, and strategies to assess compliance risks.

Health Center Toolkits

Compliance Program Elements Toolkit

Tools to help Health Centers build, improve, and maintain an effective Compliance Program to assess and respond to risks.

Section 330 Health Center Program Toolkit

Tools to help Health Centers and look-alike programs understand and comply with HRSA requirements.

Confidentiality for Health Centers Toolkit

Tools to help Health Centers build or improve their HIPAA Privacy program and comply with 42 CFR Part 2.