Live & On-Demand Webinars

Upcoming Webinars
TitleDate & TimeDuration
Walk Through the AMS 2.0 FY 2020 Monitoring Protocol
1 pm ET
90 min
Social Media Risks - It's Not All "Tweets" and "Likes"
1 pm ET
90 min
Managing Human Resources Requirements
1 pm ET
90 min
Eligibility for the Governing Body and Policy Council 
1 pm ET
90 min
Non-Federal Share Match Requirement
1 pm ET
90 min
How Do You Fill Out the SF-429?
1 pm ET
90 min
Contractor vs. Delegate
1 pm ET
90 min
On-Demand Webinars
TitleWatch On-DemandDuration
Head Start's Decade in ReviewAvailable Now!60 min
Negative FindingsAvailable Now!90 min
GAO Report Findings for Head StartAvailable Now!90 min
Data Management and Privacy ChallengesAvailable Now!90 min
Conducting Internal InvestigationsAvailable Now!90 min
Head Start Eligibility RequirementsAvailable Now!90 min
Understanding the Davis-Bacon ActAvailable Now!90 min
ERSEA FAQs Webinar SeriesAvailable Now!
75-90 min/ea
Monitoring Tips for Head StartAvailable Now!75 min
Procurement for Head Start AgenciesAvailable Now!90 min
Distinguishing Contractors from DelegatesAvailable Now!90 min
Non-Federal Share Match RequirementAvailable Now!90 min
Time and Effort ReportingAvailable Now!90 min
Property Management & Federal InterestAvailable Now!90 min
Managing Human Resources RequirementsAvailable Now!90 min
Qualifications for Head Start StaffAvailable Now!90 min
Monitoring/Continuous ImprovementAvailable Now!90 min
Fiscal & Management Issues: Part IIAvailable Now!90 min
Fiscal & Management Issues: Part IAvailable Now!90 min
Head Start & Health Center CollaborationAvailable Now!75 min

Workshops & Trainings

Human Resources Requirements

How do you keep track of HR requirements for HSPPS on top of federal and state HR laws? This training covers the Head Start requirements like staff qualifications and competencies as well as common employment law risk areas such as background checks and personnel policies.

Fiscal Management

Join us for a two-day training addressing the hottest fiscal issues affecting Head Start programs since the release of the performance standards. Attendees will leave this hands-on training with practical tips and techniques as well as slides, supplementary sources, sample checklists and documents.

Acing Your Monitoring Review

Join us to learn key strategies for acing your monitoring review and best practices that will allow your program to be “review-ready” every day.

Mastering ERSEA

This workshop will provide an in-depth examination of the ERSEA requirements, answer frequently asked questions, and discuss approaches to common ERSEA challenges faced by Head Start programs.

The A to Z's of Head Start

Join us in Orlando, FL for a crash course on managing a Head Start program. Whether you’re brand new to Head Start leadership or need a refresher on recent changes and revised federal rules, this overview will leave you feeling confident about your program’s ability to meet and maintain compliance with its programmatic obligations.