Employment Law and Human Resources Legal Services Plan

Many organizations are ill-equipped to handle the assortment of challenges that arise from the employer-employee relationship. Whereas large corporations have the luxury of turning to a suite of in-house attorneys to navigate workplace legal issues, most organizations must instead rely upon in-house attorneys who do not specialize in employment law or an understaffed HR department. As a result, organizations are more reactive than proactive when dealing with personnel issues, and they only look for outside legal counsel when there is a pressing employee matter. Unfortunately, far too often, by the time an organization engages an employment attorney, the damage has already been done.

To help businesses manage their workforce and satisfy their compliance obligations under federal employment laws, FTLF now offers an Employment Law and Human Resources Legal Services Plan (“EL/HR Services Plan”). FTLF’s EL/HR Services Plan provides organizations with a convenient and cost-effective means of having an experienced employment law attorney on demand to provide legal counsel on common workplace issues. For a low annual fee, subscribers to our EL/HR Services Plan receive an allowance of 60 minutes per month (and discounted hourly rates thereafter) to use towards customized and tailored employment law and human resources legal services. FTLF’s EL/HR Services Plan is an ideal solution for any business that wants to proactively reduce its potential legal exposure without the expense of having full-time employment counsel on its staff.

How FTLF’s EL/HR Services Plan Works

Getting started on FTLF’s EL/HR Services Plan is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Consult. Meet with an FTLF employment law attorney to discuss your organization’s legal needs, learn about the available employment law and HR services, and ensure that the EL/HR Services Plan is the right fit for your organization.
  2. Subscribe. If you decide to subscribe to FTLF’s EL/HR Services Plan, the next step is completing the firm’s client intake process.
  3. Call. When you need employment law and HR services, just contact your dedicated FTLF employment law attorney.  

Representative services available under FTLF’s EL/HR Services Plan

A few of the many types of services available under FTLF’s EL/HR Services Plan:

  • Employment law counseling and advice on complying with federal employment statutes such as Title VII, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, etc.
  • Drafting, revising and advising on employee handbook policies
  • Drafting and advising on offer letters, employment agreements, and severance agreements
  • Counseling and advising on hiring, disciplining, and terminating employees
  • Advising on classifications (exempt vs. non-exempt) under the FLSA
  • Counseling and advising on EEOC charges and investigations
  • General HR-related advice, research, and document review
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Access Period

This service plan is for the 2023 calendar year. By purchasing this subscription, your organization will have access to the Employment Law and Human Resources Legal Services Plan through December 31, 2023.

Payment by Check

If you wish to pay by check, we will only grant access to your plan once we receive payment. Please visit our FAQ page for our full Payment Policy.