FTLF offers trainings in a variety of formats, including live webinars, recorded webinars,  in-person trainings, and private trainings. The titles and terms we use may vary from time to time; here is a quick reference guide:

  • Live Webinars: A webinar scheduled for a specific date and time, typically for 60-90 minutes. All of our webinars include a presentation as well as a Q&A period.
  • On-Demand Webinars: A recording of a live webinar that includes both the presentation slides and the accompanying audio. All of our live webinars are recorded: the recorded version is included in your purchase of the live session, but the recording is also available for purchase separately. We usually post the recorded webinars within three - five business days after the live event. Once posted to your account, you can view anytime during the access period identified in your purchase confirmation and in your account. We typically retire our webinars after a year, or sooner if there are major legal changes that impact the substantive content of the webinar. Learn more about our webinars here.
  • Webinar Series: Our trainings cover complicated subject matter and often one webinar is not enough time to cover the information. When we offer a series, you can purchase each webinar individually or buy the entire series as a single package.
  • Workshops (formerly “Intensives”): Workshops are live, in-person training events held for 1 – 2 days at the FTLF Training Center in our Washington, D.C. office. We try to limit our workshops to a small group size to allow for maximum participation and personal attention. NOTE: our workshops went virtual in 2020 due to COVID-19, read the latest updates here.
  • National Events: We realize not everyone can make it to Washington, DC so we take some of our live trainings on the road. These trainings are typically larger in size than our Workshops, but still allow for lots of time to ask questions of the attorneys. While the cities vary from year to year, we aim to rotate around the west coast, the Midwest, and the south so you can find an event reasonably close to you no matter where your organization is based.
  • Partnered Events: From time to time, we collaborate with other organizations to bring you a larger catalog of options.  


There are several ways to search our site and find the right training to fit your needs.

  • Browse by date: all of our live trainings appear on the Upcoming Events Calendar on the Learning Center home page. If you know when your training is scheduled or are looking for trainings at a certain time of year, navigate to the appropriate month, review the dates and titles, and click on any course.
  • Browse by practice area: some of our trainings have a narrow focus and apply only to a specific grant program while others may be useful for many different types of organizations. If you’re interested in a particular category of trainings, you can browse all our related offerings on that practice area’s group page.  
  • Browse all events: each of our practice areas provides training across many different topics. To find trainings on a specific interest area, search our entire course catalog. To do this, go to the Events menu on the top of the page and filter the list by selecting the target audience, the format, and/or the topics. There are more topics listed here than there are practice area groups.


Yes! You won’t usually see them posted here on our Learning Center site because they’re private, but FTLF regularly develops custom webinars and in-person or virtual trainings for private audiences ranging from boards of directors and individual organizations to members of state or regional associations. We can provide one of our existing trainings or tailor a program to our meet your specific needs. Contact Us to learn more. 


Whether you can’t find the registration link for a specific training or you want to know if we provide training on a certain topic, Contact Us, we’re always happy to help. If you don’t see any events on a topic of interest, let us know, we might be able to provide a private training for your organization or develop a new program in that area.


We are constantly adding to and updating our offerings on an ever-growing number of topics. This website is our most up-to-date resource, but we also post on social media and send out regular email summaries highlighting our new events. If you’re not on one of our mailing lists and would like to be added, please Contact Us.