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Workshops in Washington, DC


This workshop identifies the major risks and risk management strategies for prescribing opioids, participating in medication assisted-treatment services, and distributing naloxone. We also discuss how to determine whether Part 2 applies to your organization's current or planned substance use disorder services or to records it receives.

Health Center Compliance Fundamentals

Our fundamentals workshops is designed for new compliance officers or organizations launching a new compliance program or initiative. This session covers the seven elements of a compliance program, common implementation challenges, and strategies to assess compliance risks. 


This workshop is designed to provide attendees with both the fundamentals of HIPAA compliance in the health center setting as well as more complex patient privacy and data confidentiality issues that health care providers face every day.

Health Center Compliance: Advanced Concepts

If you’ve mastered the basics, join our upper-level workshop on advanced concepts designed to support and strengthen the skills of health center compliance officers. 

Compliance Subscription Plans

    Premium Plan

    An annual subscription for health centers that are serious about compliance.

    Compliance Program Elements Toolkit

    Tools to help Health Centers build, improve, and maintain an effective Compliance Program to assess and respond to risks.

    Section 330 Health Center Program Toolkit

    Tools to help Health Centers and look-alike programs understand and comply with HRSA requirements.


    Tools to help Health Centers build or improve their HIPAA Privacy program and comply with 42 CFR Part 2.