Premium Plan Subscription (2019)

Health centers are faced with an array of increasingly sophisticated and diverse compliance risks. As federal grant recipients, health care providers, and community partners, health centers must develop a system to ensure compliance with the applicable laws, rules, and requirements.

Our Premium Plan is for health centers that are serious about compliance. This annual subscription provides you with all the necessary tools to develop, implement, and/or improve your Compliance Program and ensure that your health center has the utmost protection against very serious penalties.

What's included?

A Premium subscription entitles your health center to a full calendar year of access to:

Monthly Compliance Webinars: Each month, we host a 60-minute webinar on a different compliance topic. These webinars provide timely advice for emerging risks or legal/regulatory changes, an opportunity to brush up on the challenges that remain constant, and up-to-date information about operational trends we're seeing in the field. As a subscriber, you can choose to join the live session or listen to the recording whenever it's convenient, at no extra charge.

Toolkits: Recently updated, our Toolkits contain a wealth of compliance resources, including sample policies, checklists, and summaries of applicable standards. These resources are meant to be modified to work in your organization and include drafting notes on things to consider when adapting them for your organization's use. With a Premium Plan, you have access to our three Health Center Toolkits, including any updates or changes we make during the year:

Advice Lines: With legal obligations and compliance requirements that seem to have multiplied in recent years on top of increased scrutiny from enforcement agencies, health centers face more sophisticated risks on a more extensive number of issues with the potential for serious penalties. As you assess and address substantive risk areas in your organization, reach out to FTLF attorneys with general questions about the topics covered by our Toolkits and webinars. We provide the following three advice lines for Premium subscribers:

  • Compliance Officer
  • HIPAA Privacy 
  • FTCA 

Note: These consultations are not legal advice and purchase of a Premium Plan subscription does not create an attorney-client relationship between you or your organization and Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP. If your questions are specific to your organization's circumstances and would require an answer that constitutes legal advice, our attorneys will recommend that you enter into an engagement agreement with FTLF or another qualified attorney.


Target Audience

  • Compliance, Privacy and Security Officers
  • Risk Managers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Health center executive staff and management
  • Financial leadership/ staff
  • Clinical leadership/ staff
Course summary
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Our 2019 Monthly Compliance Webinars are listed below. All topics and dates are subject to change, but once we confirm the actual date (as opposed to just the month), we make all efforts not to reschedule or change the topic. If we do have to reschedule or when we add new webinars to your subscription, you will receive an email and all the updated information will be listed here.

2019 Compliance Webinars
Live Event Date
Available On-Demand
Compliance Work Plans: Developing Your Health Center's Strategy for 201901/24/19---
Patients Filming in the Health Center: Understanding Compliance Risks02/14/19---
340B Contract Pharmacy and Third-Party Administrators: Compliance Challenges03/07/19---
Title X Final Rule (BONUS)03/19/19---
Board Member Eligibility: Screenings and Background Checks04/04/19---
PHI for Media and Marketing: Ensuring Your Health Center is HIPAA Compliant05/16/19---
Part I: An Overview of the FTCA Redeeming Application for CY 2020 (BONUS)06/11/19---
Documenting Your Disaster Response: Meeting the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule Testing Requirement06/13/19---
Terminating the Patient-Provider Relationship: Risk Management Strategies07/31/19---
Protecting Patient Data in HIEs and Networks08/15/19---
Beneficiary Inducements & Value-Based Arrangements09/12/19---
Documentation Practices to Reduce Malpractice Risk10/17/19---
Upcoming Webinars  
Fundraising and Development: Top Compliance Concerns11/14/191 pm ET
Compliance Year in Review: Health Center Corporate Compliance and Risk Management12/19/191 pm ET

*All monthly compliance webinars are scheduled for 1:00 PM ET unless otherwise marked.


There are no continuing education credits associated with this subscription.

Certificates of Attendance: We verify attendance upon completion of a webinar (live or recorded version) and will only issue certificates in the name of the account holder enrolled in the course. If you need to document attendance for someone other than the account holder, we provide blank Certificates of Attendance for a supervisor to sign and certify that a different individual viewed the course. 

As a Premium Subscriber, if you need a certificate of attendance for a webinar, you must use the promo code to register for and enroll in the specific webinar (live or recorded version). Due to the nature of this particular course page, we are unable to verify completion of the recordings embedded here and cannot issue a certificate

Group attendance: Due to the online nature of webinars, we cannot verify participation by more than one person. For groups, we provide an attendance record form and blank Certificates of Attendance to record attendance at a group viewing session and document each individual's participation.  

Read more about maintaining an attendance record in our FAQs

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Accreditation Period

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We only allow health centers to purchase this subscription. As a result, we must review and approve all orders to verify eligibility. We review and approve orders as quickly as possible, but there are occasional delays; please allow 3-5 business days for approval. If you are not a health center, but are interested in purchasing a subscription, please Contact Us.


Purchasing this subscription provides access through the end of the current calendar year and includes any updates or additions FTLF makes throughout that year at no extra charge.


If you wish to pay by check, we will only grant access to your subscription once we receive payment. Please visit our FAQ page for our full Payment Policy.


By purchasing this subscription, you acknowledge and agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This subscription and its resources have been prepared by attorneys at Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP (FTLF) and includes original materials developed by FTLF. This subscription is designed as a resource. Any sample materials are not intended to be adopted word for word; FTLF recommends that each organization tailor the materials to fit its legal, financial, administrative, and programmatic needs. Failing to modify the original materials to the specific needs of your program may have adverse consequences. 

By purchasing this subscription, you acknowledge and agree that the materials contained herein do not constitute legal advice and your purchase does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and FTLF, nor is it intended to do so. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, your organization should enter into an engagement agreement with FTLF or seek the services of another competent professional. Each legal problem is different, and past performance does not guarantee future results.

By purchasing this subscription, you acknowledge and agree that, unless otherwise indicated, all original materials and resources associated with this subscription remain the intellectual property of and are protected under the copyright of FTLF. Any and all such copyrighted materials are for personal/non-commercial use only and may not be republished for or distributed to any third party at any time or in any form without written permission from FTLF. Any other use or disclosure is a violation of federal copyright law and is punishable by the imposition of substantial fines.

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