image Compliance Program Standards Risk Assessment

Monitor the progress of your health center’s compliance efforts by assessing compliance with compliance program standards.

Product Details

The Compliance Program Standards/Expectations (Federal) risk assessment includes the following topics:
  • Compliance officer/contact
  • Internal auditing and monitoring
  • Written standards and policies
  • Appropriate training & education
  • Effective lines of communication
  • Investigation of detected problems and development of corrective actions
  • “Well publicized” disciplinary guidelines
After your health center uploads the requested documents into our secure website, FTLF will prepare a final report that addresses the following items:
  1. Assessment of selected compliance domains with a standard grading scale to indicate current level of compliance risk;
  2. Explanation in detail of particular elements within each compliance domain that the health center should work towards;
  3. Prioritized recommendations for individual health center compliance improvements; and,
  4. Prioritized recommendations for compliance training and technical assistance.