If you have questions about a new, pending, or rejected application for FTCA coverage: Email FTCAPractice@ftlf.com.

The FTCA application can be complicated, requiring binding attestations and declarations as well as submission of over 15 policies, procedures, and reports used by health centers. Under FTLF's Deeming Application Review Service, FTLF attorneys will review your application for compliance with not only the statutory and regulatory requirements but all the additional HRSA expectations related to the health center deeming. FTLF will point out problem areas with your application and provide guidance on correcting any shortcomings with the application.*

FTCA Re-Deeming Application Review

*NOTE: This review and the corresponding feedback constitute legal advice and your organization will be required to sign a limited engagement agreement with Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP (FTLF). We make no warranties regarding approval of your deeming application.

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FTCA Forum

Failing to comply with the FTCA program requirements can be very costly for health centers and providers who can be left without any professional liability insurance for very expensive claims. Join FTLF attorneys for two days on the biggest risks, common concerns, and current “hot issues” in FTCA coverage.