E.g., 07/05/2020
E.g., 07/05/2020
Title Format Event date Target audience
Beyond HIPAA: Ensuring Patient Confidentiality Live Webinar Health Center
Changing Your Scope of Project and Keeping Activities “Out of Scope” Live Webinar 7/7/2020 Health Center
Compliance 2020: Year in Review Live Webinar 12/17/2020 Health Center
Confidentiality for Health Centers Toolkit Tools Health Center
Cost Allocation and Indirect Cost Rates Live Webinar 9/24/2020 Federal Grants
Credentialing and Privileging in the New Era of HRSA Compliance Recorded Webinar Health Center
Demonstrating Compliance – a Reviewer’s Perspective Recorded Webinar Health Center
Emergency Preparedness for Head Start Live Webinar 7/8/2020 Head Start
ERSEA FAQs (Recorded Series) Recorded Webinar Head Start
Establishing Compliant Contracts and MOUs that Ensure Affordable Care While Maximizing Revenue Recorded Webinar Health Center
Exploring Compliance for Health Center Leadership: Governance, Management and Clinical Staffing Requirements Recorded Webinar Health Center
Federal Funding Academy Live Training 8/26/2020 Federal Grants
Federal Funding Academy Live Training 12/8/2020 Federal Grants
Federal Funding Academy 2.0 Live Training 9/16/2020 Federal Grants
Federal Grant Management Toolkit Tools Federal Grants