E.g., 03/31/2020
E.g., 03/31/2020
Title Format Event date Target audience
How Do You Fill Out the SF-429? Live Webinar 11/18/2020 Head Start
Integrated Care: Legal and Compliance Risks Live Webinar 9/17/2020 Health Center
Internal Controls Live Webinar 10/22/2020 Federal Grants
Lobbying Restrictions Live Webinar 5/28/2020 Federal Grants
Maintaining a State of Readiness for your Next OSV Recorded Webinar Health Center
Managing Human Resources Requirements Live Webinar 6/10/2020 Head Start
Managing Risks Related to New Staffing Models Live Webinar 10/15/2020 Health Center
Mandatory Disclosures Live Webinar 11/19/2020 Federal Grants
Mastering ERSEA Live Training 7/29/2020 Head Start
Mastering the Compliance Manual Live Training 7/8/2020 Health Center
Mastering the Compliance Manual Live Training 9/9/2020 Health Center
Medicare for FQHCs Live Training 7/14/2020 Health Center
Non-Federal Share Match Requirement Live Webinar 9/23/2020 Head Start
Opioid Epidemic: Enforcement Update Live Webinar 4/23/2020 Health Center
PACE and Health Centers: Key Opportunities and Risk Areas Live Webinar 5/14/2020 Health Center