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Volume 1

Table of Contents

I. Elements of An Effective Compliance Program

II, Designating Compliance Personnel and the Role of the Board of Directors in the Compliance Program

III. Developing and Implementing Compliance and Practice Standards

IV. Conducting Appropriate Training and Education

V. Developing Open Lines of Communication

VI. Conducting Internal Auditing and Monitoring

VII. Responding Appropriately to Detected Offenses

VIII. Enforcing Disciplinary Standards through Well-Published Guidelines

Volume 2

Table of Contents 

I. Federal grants management

A. Management of federal grants

Financial and program management and control
Federal audit requirements
Federal standards for property and equipment

B. Member agreements

Subrecipient agreements
Agreements to procure services from a member

C. Vendor agreements

Federal procurement requirements
Federal Anti-Kickback Law and common contract terms
Procuring non-audit services from the audit firm

II. Product development

A. Unrelated business activities

B. Group purchasing programs

C. Endorsements

D. Centralized and joint operational activitiest

E. Managed care network arrangements

III. Member services

A. Fundraising

B. Public relations and media communications

IV. Lobbying and political activity

A. Federal tax law and cost principles

B. Federal Election Campaign Act

C. Lobbying Disclosure Act


I. Statutes and Regulations

II. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Documents

III. Office of Inspector General (OIG) Documents

IV. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Documents

V. Additional Documents

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