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Volume 1

Table of Contents

I. Element 1 - Compliance Program Structure

II. Element 2 - Written Compliance Standards

III. Element 3 - Compliance Training and Education

IV. Element 4 - Open Lines of Communication

V. Element 5 - Internal Monitoring and Auditing

VI. Element 6 - Responding to Detected Offenses

VII. Element 7 - Enforcing Disciplinary Standards

Volume 2

Table of Contents

I. Health center risk areas

II. Regulatory

A. Federal requirements related to FQHC status

B. Section 330 implications of health care affiliations

III. Legal

A. Coding, documentation and billing

B. Fraud and abuse considerations for contracting in the health care industry

C. Considerations in managed care contracting

IV. Federal grants management

A. Management of federal grants

Financial and program management and control
Federal audit requirements
Federal standards for property and equipment

B. Subrecipient arrangements

C. Vendor agreements

Federal procurement requirements
Procuring non-audit services from the audit firm

V. Clinical

A. Providing care and the Federal Tort Claims Act

B. Credentialing and privileging

VI. Operational


I. Statutes and Regulations

II. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Documents

III. Office of Inspector General (OIG) Documents

IV. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Documents

V. Additional Documents

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