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Workshops & Trainings

Compliance Programs (Washington, DC)

Are you a new compliance officer or is your organization launching a new compliance program or initiative?

Join us in DC to learn about implementation challenges and strategies to assess compliance risks. 

If you’ve mastered the basics, join our upper-level workshop on advanced concepts.

De-Mystifying the Compliance Manual (Washington, DC)

HRSA is now using the Compliance Manual and Site Visit Protocol to measure health center compliance with program requirements. How do the old PINs and PALs fit in? Come learn about the changes to HRSA policy as well as tips for preparing for your next on-site assessment!

Risk Management (Washington, DC)

Are you responsible for your health center’s risk management program? Join us for two, one-day sessions covering business continuity planning and handling difficult patient situations: what’s required by law and the practical implications for your daily operations.

Grant Management for Health Centers (Washington, DC)

Join our federal grants experts for everything you ever wanted to know about your Section 330 grant: how to handle program income, budgeting strategies and considerations, managing subaward relationships, and key cost allowability issues (salary caps, time and effort documentation).